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Erika Etienne is a bestselling author, women’s empowerment speaker, ministry leader, life adviser, film producer, playwright and domestic violence advocate. Erika has made it her personal mission to uplift, empower, inspire, and encourage women to rise above their circumstances and fulfill their God-given purpose.  She is also the founder of a faith-based women’s empowerment community, Power, Purpose, and Peace. 

For over 10+ years, Erika has provided women with mentorship and practical strategies to identify their purpose and navigate successfully through life’s interruptions, all while maintaining their peace.  This is what led her to start the Power, Purpose, and Peace, which offers women introspective bible studies, professional and personal development, spiritual advisement, retreats, and other individualized services. 
With a commitment to help change the lives of women through storytelling, Erika produced the groundbreaking documentary Women Unveiled that chronicles the lives of women who shared their stories in the bestselling book Women Unveiled: 13 Stories of Power, Purpose, and Peace. She was also led to write and produce the stage plays, My Mother Prays for Me and Yes You Can, as well as other monologues and soliloquies. Erika has also been a repeat speaker and keynote at the annual Ladies of Victory and Empowerment Conference and sat on a number of domestic violence summit panels.  

Erika is a powerhouse who impacts lives by transparently sharing her personal story of triumph over abuse, divorce, adversity, and a brush with death.  She chronicles her journey with a resolution-centered process to lead women through the steps required to uncover the depths of their issues and begin living free to walk in their purpose.  Her journey of growth and transformation epitomizes for women the truth of God’s word that He is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34); therefore, showing women that what He has done in her life, is also available to them.